How to maintain your memorial bench

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Clear wood preserver

Both Teak and British Redwoods are very durable timbers on their own but we give every bench a coating with a clear or stained wood preserver before despatch and recommend that this is done at least once a year thereafter. It’s a really easy job and well worth the effort.

The bench will silver naturally over time while the wood preserver protects the hardwood from living organisms and becoming green.
The only threat to hardwood outdoors are living organisms. Your simple clear wood preserver maintenance regime will completely eliminate this threat.

To clean the bench you can use a mild detergent and water or if the wood is really dirty use a wood reviver product.
Once clean, viagra allow the wood to dry completely and once again give it a good soak with the clear wood preserver applied liberally with a brush.

A memorial bench treated this way should last for decades. It will be fully preserved while being allowed to gently turn a soft silver colour and take on a natural beauty and a lovely character all of its own.

Oil based treatments

An oil based treatment can be applied after the clear wood preserver if you wish to prolong the new appearance of your memorial bench and keep that ‘nutty brown’ colour of the hardwood. Note though that this will require a little more maintenance.

Oil treatments build over time and will require a new coat when the last one begins to fade. The frequency of these additional coats will depend on the conditions. The bench will become deeper and richer colour with each coat that is applied.

It’s essential that you keep on top of the job, ampoule the bench may start to look patchy if left too long inbetween coats with some parts silvering and some not. Once you start with an oil treatment there really is no going back.

Popular oil based treatments are  are available at most good hardware shops.

Other treatments

Hardwood likes to breathe when placed outdoors and for this reason we don’t recommend surface treatments, some of which can be rather like paint. Moisture can get trapped under this paint layer and damage the hardwood and top coats can wear off the seats and arms with people using the bench and can make it look patchy. We feel it’s much better to use one of the treatments outlined above.essay writers essay writer essay writers write my essay term paper helpwrite and essay for me